Services: Change Consulting & Group Facilitation

Sometimes people just need help to talk with each other, or to know when to stop talking and begin making decisions.

“If understanding and buy-in are needed, so is facilitation.”
– Michael Wilkinson

Holmes Street Leadership Consulting, LLC facilitation is provided in a way that accomplishes your desired objectives, supports real conversations, and builds effective relationships.  We motivate, guide, question, build bridges and keep clients on track and in doing so, also build the capacity of the leaders we work with to do the same once we’ve left the scene.

Our facilitation can:

  • Create buy-in, excitement and alignment to a new, desired organizational future
  • Help new leaders create a strong team that supports, rather than fights them
  • Help new teams get off to a strong start
  • Help teams stop circuitous discussion and make real decisions, building in accountability so that those decisions actually get implemented and evaluated
  • Remove unproductive conflict among co-workers and create highly functional teams that get work done and enjoy working together
  • Build resiliency to and support for organizational change efforts

Examples of facilitation services include:

  • New manager/team integration
  • Leadership retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Intergroup facilitation
  • Employee engagement efforts

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