Defensive Driving and Leadership

In organizations, “defensive” typically means reacting out of a sense of feeling threatened or criticized, usually in ways that create unproductive interpersonal conflict.  On a road trip lately, I found myself thinking about how certain defensive driving techniques relate to effective leadership behaviors.    In this “defensive driving” context, how defensive is your leadership?

Do you…

  • Use turn signals, e.g. – communicate your intentions before you act?
  • Share the road, e.g. – involve others through collaboration or even delegating?
  • Always scan forward, sideways and behind, e.g. – check in with others, keep an eye on what’s going on around you, and look proactively for potential opportunities to reach your destination successfully or to avoid unanticipated pitfalls?
  • Invest in regular maintenance, e.g. – consistently manage employee performance so expectations are known, employees have a clear idea of how they’re doing, and development plans are supported?

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